League of Legends: Quickly Change Regions Without VPN

League of Legends: Quickly Change Regions Without VPN

Ever wanted to play as a character from a foreign region in League of Legends (LoL) without having to deal with a VPN? The good news is… You don’t need any advanced technological knowledge to accomplish it. Here, we’ll show you how to change the region of your League of Legends account quickly and easily.

League of Legends: Launch the League Client as a First Step.

Launching your League client should be your primary step. Everything magical takes place there. If you can’t find it, simply click the awesome League of Legends icon on your desktop.

Second Step: Find the Retail Location

Entering the League client will reveal crucial metrics such as RP and Blue Essence. A store icon is located adjacent to them. Just click on it, and you’ll be whisked away to gaming heaven.

Third, look for the account icon.

We can make things more interesting now. You may see a small representation of yourself, the player, in the upper right corner of the Store. All it takes to switch areas is a click.

League of Legends: Select the New Area

At this point, things start to heat up. Upon selecting the player icon, a menu will be displayed. Locate the option to alter the region and press it. Pick the region you wish to change to. Get your headwear ready, since it will set you back 2,600 RP, or almost $23 in real money. But hey, even the best adventures have their costs.

League of Legends: Address Riot’s Caution Notices

A heads up about possible issues will be given to you before you jump into a new zone by Riot, the awesome people behind League of Legends. Pause for a second and read their cautions. It’s the same as consulting experts. Proceed with the deal after you prepared to face the hurdles.

League of Legends: Sixth Step: Sign Out and Back In

Well done! You’ve traversed to an uncharted area. However, please log out and then log back into your account before you begin to rule the gaming world. Doing this one little thing makes sure everything went according to plan. It’s the same as getting your character ready for fight.

Warning: There is a catch, even though your amazing skins are secure. Your progress in Clash, your honor level, and other game statistics will be erased. As if you were embarking on a brand-new gaming adventure. If you can adapt to the new environment, you may just become famous there!

And with that, you have it—a method to change your League of Legends region that doesn’t involve a VPN. With only a few clicks and some real money, you can unlock a whole new gaming universe with NIAGASLOT. This is a one-time offer per account, so be careful when selecting your new location. Good luck in the game, hunters!